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Welcome to the Law Office of Jeffrey W. Hannah. While family law matters like divorce, child custody, child support, and grandparents’ rights may seem challenging, or even insurmountable, take comfort knowing that there is an experienced legal team on your side. Whether you need guidance through your divorce, assistance navigating the custody courts, or advice while seeking spousal support, the Law Office of Jeffrey W. Hannah is the one to call.

Each day, Attorney Jeffrey W. Hannah is inspired to offer compassion, expertise, and results to our clients. Attorney Jeffrey W. Hannah is an experienced family law attorney with a proven record of giving each client the time and attention their case deserves. While the law is the same for everyone, he knows your unique circumstances demand a customized approach in order to reach the best outcome. A major part of his process is to talk with you to understand your fears, concerns, and goals.

When you choose to work with the Law Office of Jeffrey W. Hannah, you’re not alone. You success is Attorney Jeffrey W. Hannah’s success. Get in touch with him today to schedule your free legal consultation. Tell him about your goals and your situation, and he’ll work from there. It’s time to set up a plan of action and learn what Attorney Jeffrey W. Hannah can do for you.

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